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From the Desk of Peter Meehan
Letter from the Editor
Dear Reader,

What to make of this sprawling miasma, of this crazy constellation of events, of this thing called Food Bowl? Even from my seat, where I have had the chance to be involved in some of the planning of it, I admit I am overwhelmed. Where to start and end and where to go?

Take a deep breath. This is just Los Angeles, reflected through the prism of a couple hundred things to do — some big events we at the paper have planned and many, many more that the restaurant and food community here has organized.

Nearly any chef or restaurant you dig has a foothold in this program. Sort through it and find their names. Put their events on your calendar, invite your friends.

For me, one priority when I started with the Food section was to deepen our connection to Mexico — to reflect and explore the Mexicanness of Los Angeles, for sure, but also because if there’s a city as vibrant and thrumming as L.A. in our hemisphere, it’s Mexico City. So on April 30 we’ll kick off Food Bowl with a night of tacos and talks about the connections between the sister cities of L.A. and CDMX, created in partnership with Enrique Olvera, a celebrated Mexico City chef who is set to open restaurants here later this year.

On a more personal level, barbecue has become a passion of mine in recent years, and for one night at Night Market, we’ve assembled an insane slate of some of the country’s best pitmasters to come and cook alongside some homegrown live-fire talent. It’s a chance to try food you’d have to log serious travel time to sample gathered together for one smoky afternoon in Grand Park, a party I helped plan because it’s one I want to go to.

And I think that’s the trick of sorting out what parts of Food Bowl you do: Find what you love and what you’re curious about — and there’s plenty in these pages that will fit that bill — and come and celebrate with us.

Peter Meehan
Food Editor, Los Angeles Times

What makes FOOD BOWL a new kind of food festival?
Los Angeles is a giant mosaic of cuisines, cultures, people and ingredients from across the world. FOOD BOWL brings together the world’s top chefs and L.A.’s best restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and markets, and adds a new celebrated “bowl” to one of the most important food cities in America. We hope you will join us for 31 days of food and encourage all Angelenos to discover and support L.A.’s incredible restaurants and chefs.

For the third year in a row, the heart and soul of FOOD BOWL will be the one-of-a-kind happenings dreamed up and executed by the very best of the Los Angeles food scene. From long-table feasts to chef collaborations, parking lot pop-ups to Night Market in Grand Park, FOOD BOWL is a month-long celebration of the extraordinary people and produce that make L.A. the most exciting food city in the world.

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